Welcome to the Michigan Hair Restoration Doctors Directory, Michigan’s premier online network of skilled Hair Restoration Doctors and Hair  Transplant Surgeons serving both men and women. Michigan Hair Restoration Doctors have dedicated their skills and expertise to helping patients experiencing all levels of hair loss and balding. Offering cutting-edge hair restoration and hair transplant procedures, Michigan Hair Restoration Doctors are able to help their patients achieve optimal results.

Michigan Hair Restoration Doctors understand that there is nothing vain about wanting to look and feel your best, and for some, this means a full and healthy head of hair. Gone are the days when expensive hair transplants gave unnatural results with “doll hair” like plugs and a loosely fitting toupee was the only solution some men could afford.

The advancements made in the field of hair restoration and hair transplant have completely changed the industry and greatly expanded the possibilities for patients suffering from thinning and balding.

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