Michigan Surgical Hair Restoration Specialists offer the latest Surgical Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration techniques for both Men and Women. You can find Michigan Hair Transplant Surgeons in this directory who offer both the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) surgeries. Either procedure can be a good choice for men with the predictable hair loss pattern caused by male pattern baldness. You need to have enough healthy hair follicles remaining on the back or side of your scalp that your doctor can transfer to balding areas on the top.

Michigan Hair Restoration Surgeons typically don’t recommend FUE or FUT for women who are experiencing hair loss. That is because women typically don’t lose entire patches of hair but instead have thinning hair. Female pattern baldness tends to affect the quality of the hair follicles all over, making them too weak to extract and transfer. However, every situation is unique and your doctor is the best one to advise you. FUE is an attractive option for both men and women who want fuller, better defined eyebrows and men who are unhappy with the appearance of their facial hair.

What is (FUE) Follicular Unit Extraction?

Michigan Follicular Unit ExtractionDuring FUE, Michigan Hair Transplant Surgeons use a one-millimeter punch to extract hundreds of hair follicles from the back or sides of your scalp. The benefit of obtaining hair follicles for transplant using this method is that it does not leave a linear scar. While it can be time-consuming due to the need to remove each follicle individually, many Michigan Hair Transplant Surgeons use some form of robotics with FUE.

This can dramatically increase the number of follicles that he or she can obtain in a single day. You will have numerous light red marks in the donor area for a few days after surgery, but they fade away quickly.

While extracting your hair follicles one at a time, your doctor groups them according to the number of individual hairs each one contains. With modern Michigan Hair Transplant Surgery, each follicle has only one to four hairs. Grafts contained up to 12 follicles in earlier generations, which could result in an unnatural appearance once the patient’s hair started growing again. Michigan Hair Restoration Surgeons complete the FUE procedure by creating up to several hundred slits at the recipient area, which is the top of the scalp. He or she carefully angles the follicles and places them in the slits.

What is (FUT) Follicular Unit Transplantation?

Michigan Follicular Unit TransplantWhen Michigan Hair Transplant Surgeons perform Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), they identify an area on the back of your scalp containing the healthiest hair follicles and use a scalpel to remove it. You receive general anesthesia and a sedative before your doctor makes the cut to allow you to relax and not feel any pain. He or she then immediately sutures the area and starts extracting hair follicles from the donor strip to prepare them for transplant.

FUT leaves a faint scar across the back of your scalp that you can easily cover with the hair above it. The last step of FUT is for your doctor to transplant the extracted hair grafts to your balding areas.

After Your Surgical Hair Transplant Procedure

Recovery times are different for everyone, however your Surgical Hair Transplant procedure will not keep you down and out while you recover. Depending on how many grafts were transplanted and whether it was an FUT or FUE Surgical Hair Transplant procedure, many patients are able to return to work the following day.

If you’re tired of being the butt of bald jokes and looking older than you really are, look through our directory of Michigan Hair Restoration Surgeons. The directory is free and there is no obligation to pursue FUE or FUT after your initial consultation. However, we think you will want to after seeing what these amazing procedures can do.

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